• Information and advisory services – advice on European legislation, standards and property rights (IPR); information and practical advice on the regulations and opportunities of the European market for goods and services, including tax and other export-related duties.
  • Access to the European legislative framework and the opportunity to contribute to the formation and improvement of EU policies for SMEs by submitting the point of view in European public consultations.
  • Business cooperation opportunities – access to new markets and internationalization; assistance in identifying business partners and technologies needed in the internationalization process; organizing brokerage events, economic missions, conferences and workshops; building your company profile and publishing in the EEN – Network database, the largest business opportunity database in Europe through which companies can establish international partnerships.
  • Innovation and Technology Transfer Services – innovative SMEs advice to access funding for Research and Innovation (Horizon 2020, SME Toolkit); assistance in identifying the right technology to improve innovation; information on policies and programs for innovation, research and technological development; supporting the creation of synergies with other actors in the field of research.