Enterprise Europe Network Business Offers and Requests

BRUA20180904001 Ukrainian distributor of interior lighting and furniture looking for manufacturer who offer high quality interior design products such as furniture (armchairs, chairs, stools, barstools, tables, coffee tables, dining tables, console tables, poufs, sofas), lighting (pendant lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps, floor lamps), decor (designer throw pillows, wallpapers) in order to distribute them to Ukraine. Cooperation in the form of distribution service agreement is requested.
BRDE20180927001 A German SME offers the repair of concrete building parts and infrastructure facilities damaged by cracks or corrosion with modern repair processes such as the injection of cement-based suspensions and resins.  The SME is searching for construction companies from Eastern Europe, which are interested to work on German construction sites as subcontractor under guidance of foremen of the German SME.
BRFR20180403001 A French artisanal distillery and spirit maker is looking for rum and  whisky suppliers for an outsourcing supplying agreement. Their interest is to use their methodology for maturing the spirit and produce their own premium product.
BRES20170322001 A Spanish company is interested in frozen pastry/bakery products in order to distribute them in their territory and they are searching for suppliers in France, Italy, Poland, Belgium and Portugal, but they are also open to business offers from other countries.
BRUA20170807001 A specialized Ukrainian network integrator is looking for global partners, global IT service providers, or other ITC companies in order to cooperate as a professional contractor in Ukraine.
BRPL20181004001 Polish manufacturer of decorative fragrance diffusers in form of necklaces and pendants for essential oils made from high quality terracotta seeks manufacturers of essential oils for subcontracting. The partner should be able to produce essential oils under the brand of a Polish company. The partnership is considered to be in the form of subcontracting.
BRRO20170727001 A Romanian manufacturer of paper packages for the bakery industry is interested in cooperating with international kraft paper suppliers under manufacturing agreements.
BRSG20181005001 A Singapore company, established in 2015 specializes in procuring and supplying of high quality wine globally as well as providing customers with wine consultation services that caters to the customers’ needs. The company is sourcing wine from Europe and is actively looking for partners that produces wine for distribution in the Singapore and South East Asian market.
BRSI20181026001 A Slovenian company is specialized in the design and development of toys (bikes) for children made from natural materials. Their products are known primarily for modular constructions that can be assembled into different shapes and make multifunctional toys. The company is looking for manufacturers of wooden toys for manufacturing agreement to make a complete product for sale on their respective markets.
BRFR20180403002 A French artisanal distillery specialized in maturation techniques for spirits and wines is looking for oak barrel suppliers able to provide barrel which have been used for maturation of premium wines or Bourbon spirit under specific conditions. The company is interested by an outsourcing supplying agreement to use the barrel for its own maturation needs.
BRFR20170331001 A French company, already engaged in organic beverages, is looking for new European partners such as manufacturers, retailers or distributors of healthy and organic snacking (vegetable and fruit chips, raw chocolate bars, fruit bars) with private label, in order to distribute them in France.
BRAM20180504001 An Armenian company which imports food products is well known in Armenian market. The company is looking for distribution services agreements with producers and distributors of frozen meat (beef, pork, and poultry), pasta and grain.
BRES20181130001 Spanish ICT company is looking for providers of an IoT (Internet Of Things) gateway with specific features under manufacture agreement
BRPL20181204001 A Polish company focused on wholesale and retail trade of construction products is looking for foreign partners from the same branch to complement its existing product range. The company is able to offer its services as a distributor or sales representative on the Polish market.
BRSE20180329001 A Swedish SME is looking for a manufacturer of various kinds of ready-to-eat oatmeal. The product is required to be high protein, low sugar, fully vegan and lactose free.The cooperation sought is a manufacturing agreement, and the initial monthly volume is 10 000 units of 250 g each.
Additional information: International Relatons Department, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Moldova, phone: 022 22 221391, e-mail:[email protected]