Virtual NANO-2020 – International matchmaking event – Promoting international Research and Business Partnerships

The networking matchmaking event Virtual NANO-2020 is organized in the framework of International Conference NANO-2020, which will hold on 26-29 August 2020. The event is organized by the IP of NASU Network, coordinator of Enterprise Europe Network – Ukraine and coorganised from Moldova by Moldovan Technology Transfer Network.

International Virtual NANO-2020 event explores the opportunities in the emerging fields of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies, Nanooptics, Nanoelectronics and Nanomedicine. NANO-2020 brings together over 500 researchers, scientists, engineers, business, technical and policy professionals to promote research and industrial collaborations, identify priorities and strengthen the innovation ecosystem.

The Organizing Committee of NANO 2020 sees the main goal of the conference as knowledge exchange between participants from different countries. This year, given the situation with СOVID-19, many participants will participate remotely and it will be difficult to communicate with them outside the report. Therefore, the organizing committee organized a special online platform for communication and face-to-face meetings “Matchmaking event Virtual NANO 2020”.


Following a pre-arranged schedule of virtual meetings, scientists and entrepreneurs, developers, engineers and practitioners, as well as companies and end-users of Nanotechnologies will be able to find partners for international projects, to review recent developments, identify outstanding needs and solutions for business.

This virtual NANO-2020 event aims to provide a unique opportunity for the participating organizations to:

  • Presentation of research and innovation results;
  • Presentation of know-how and innovative technologies;
  • Find new technological solutions;
  • Meet potential business partners;
  • Find partners for collaborative European R&D projects;
  • Meet and establish cross-border contacts.

This virtual networking event presents an ideal platform to identify the last tendency in Nanoscience, to discuss new nanotechnology and to looking for potential business partners, through pre-arranged meetings. You simply need to register, present yourself, your company or organization and your technology online and select interesting partners before the event.

Our event offers the perfect opportunity to find your partners for the last calls for Horizon 2020 in the different branch of science. Last call for boarding! This is the ideal way to identify research partners, following a programme of pre-arranged meetings. Innovative companies, universities, research centers and others interested in Horizon 2020 calls will have the opportunity to:

  • Present, discuss and develop new future proposals at international level;
  • Expand the collaboration network to include international partners;
  • Get information and advice about H2020 during the special section of the conference;
  • Attend the conference online to hear reports from nanotechnology and nanomaterials experts;
  • Get support on the spot from H2020 National Contact Points.

The registration is free of charge and is open until August 26, 2020 on the following link!